What's in a Summer Care Mani & Pedi?

It's Summer Time! And your hands and feet need that extra pampering for more hydration and essential moisture~

At Nail Haven, you get a Summer Care Manicure at only $12 and Summer Care Pedicure at only $18! And it's only for this summer!~ Let's take a look at what's in this skin-reviving journey!

Summer Care Manicure is a full classic manicure with nails and fingers soak into warm water filled with milk nutrients. Then you'll have filing & buffing of nails, followed by cuticle trimming & care. You can choose from a range of flavours for light hand massage: Capuccino, White Tea, Orange Almond or Japanese Garden. All from OPI.. :) Finally, you get a polish of your favourite nail color! And to help maintain the essential oil and moisture needed for your cuticle, we use Orly's Cuticle Oil+ (which has an orange fragrance!) at the end of the manicure session...

A Summer Care Pedicure is a full classic pedicure that starts with a cleansing and fragrance foot soak (choosing from Strawberry, Lavender or Milk Soak) with deodorising real lemon slices. We will then start to give your nails a file & buff, then with cuticle love & care. We love to make your feet happy so we specially use Creative SpaPedicure's AHA Sea Scrub to give your feet a good file and scrub. And if your feet have been affected by calluses, we will help soften and remove them using OPI Pedicure's Soften and Smooth creams.

A light feet massage with Creative RawEarth's Foot Rub (which has a light banana fragrance!) is given to help replenish the essential moisture for your feet this hot summer.. And now finally, your fave polish to color your nails! At the end of the pedi session, we will apply Orly's Cuticle Oil+ to replenish the oil needed for your cuticles...

And.... Voila! You are now ready to enjoy the rest of the summer with happy hands and feet!

* Just remember that if you have dry skins, daily moisturising will be good to maintain the hydration and nutrients needed for your hands and feet.. Oh! Water is not a moisturising element ya! So remember, to get proper creams/lotions for yourself!~ Have a nice summer!*

Nail Haven Galleria

Here are pictures of the manicure and pedicure we have done... Check out the nail arts!

A picture while we are drawing... :)

A checkered nail art with crystals and 3D heart~

Pink Polka Ribbons~

Simple and sweet flower..

Bling it all up!

Simple and Classy french manicure...

Pinkie Gradients...

Fine checks!

Pinkie and sweet with 3D flower..

Rainbow Paradise~

Strawberry Margarita with lil hearts..

Russian Stars~!

Daytime in Moscow...

Finally, sweet 3D flower on maroon nails.