Nail Haven Galleria: New Updates!

Finally new updates! :)

Jiexi's Orly BonBon with glitz and butterflies..

Jiexi's OPI Parlezvous with black lace and PA pearls.. precious...

Shelby's OPI Light My Sapphire with Rockin' Checks!

Pei Shan's OPI Dominant Jeans with glitz :)

Pei Shan's OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue with Glitz...

Jeanie's Fruitie Spa Manicure in OPI Pinking of You & Anna Sui Glitz!

Lina's Sky Blue Pedi with Sunflowers!

Sunflowers in a clear blue sky....

Nail Haven Galleria: Samples~

Here are some of my samples :) More are on real nails! :) Click on the photo to get an enlarged version so that u can see clearly.. hee hee

Nail Haven Galleria

Zandy's Pinkie Frost Pedi.. She wanted a simple sparkle..

Candice's OPI Innsbruck Bronze with TINS glitters, swarovski crystals and pearls.. Neutrals are the favourite of the moment..
Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey..? :)
Doris' OPI Desire with TINS glitters.. I so love this off-white..
Doris' nails are sooo perfect! And they are real nails!

Nail Haven Galleria

Wow! Everybody simply loves glitz! :D

A customer who likes simple and glittery nails for her wedding photoshoot.. Judy's OPI Canberra't Without You with Tins glitters on her manicure..

And Judy's PA Eternal Pink Frost with sweetie flower dots on her pedi..

A birthday girl who wishes to pamper herself chose the Cuccio Fruitie Spa Mani & Pedi... The wrap mask simply hydrates her skin instantly, giving her a deep dermal treat! Kelly's OPI Designer Series Nails in Chiffon with Tins glitters

It's all Christmas-y feel with OPI Season's Screening with ultimate glitz!

Nail Haven Galleria

HSM Nails in the rage! :)

Lynes' Red Polka Sporty Pedi :p

Ezflow Boogie Nights - Retro Nights Collection

Check this out! Latest Ezflow Collection (Best of the Boogie Nights!)

Now at Nail Haven for your glitter extensions! :D

Nail Haven Galleria

It was a full day on Saturday but it was satisfying :)

I did express french mani & express glitter pedi for a customer, Eve but didnt take pic cos was on a hurry :p Anyway here are the pics for the rest of the day :)

Joey's Blossoming OPI Monsooner or Later with Pearls & 3D Pinkie Glitz Flowers Pedi..

Joey's Glittter Extension with Ezflow Brick House, n a mini mushroom :p

November promo: Glitter Extension at $60 only!! Nail Art charges apply..

I just realised that most of the extension I did are not those longy kind cos most of us want pretty yet manageable nails! So right now, everyone is still only keen in not-so-long extensions :p

Traci's OPI Royal Rajah Ruby with ultimate glitz and PA Eternal Flower, hee but i forgot to take pic of her classic glitz mani :p, it was a Orly Je'taime with Tins glitter :)

November promo: Glitter Classic Mani Pedi at $35!! Nail Art charges apply..

Marie's Orly Je'taime French with glitz and dotting flower nail art :)

Thanks for viewing! :)

Nail Haven Galleria: Acrylic Extension

I'm happy with this simple yet bright nail design on extended nails :)

Here is Carey's acrylic extension with OPI Vodka & Caviar on the reds and Alpine Snow for the french :)

And when I finished up the polkda dots, I told Carey that this looks really sporty! And in fact, I had a High School Musical feel :p :p u noe those cheerleading with red short skirts? hee hee... Don't u agree..? :p :p

Above extension costs $75 ($60+ $10 nail art + $5 french) :p This month of November, there is a promo for extns: Glittery Acrylic Extension at $60 only! (nail art charges apply if any..) Book for an appt with Fiona at 92701201! :)

Glittery November!

Valid for the month of November 08!

Nail Haven Appointment Calendar!

Dear everyone! Here is an indicative calender of our schedule..

Thus, take this opportunity to book early, so that we can provide the best possible slots convenient for you! If you book in advance (7 to 10 days) for a bigger group housecall, We can then have time to make arrangement for other manicurist(s) to do up your nails for you!!~ :) Of cos, all appointment bookings are still subject to our availability for that day.

Our available timings are:
Mondays to Fridays - After 8pm
Saturdays - From 10am onwards
Sundays - From 10am onwards

* NA --> Not Available

February 2009
1 Feb Sun - NA

2 Feb Mon - NA
3 Feb Tues - NA
4 Feb Wed - Emilia Infills 9.30pm
5 Feb Thurs - Gillian Soakoff & Mani 8pm

6 Feb Fri -
7 Feb Sat - Aloha Changi Event 12pm to 5.30pm
8 Feb Sun - May Sweet Love Mani Pedi 11am,

Joey & Lena Manicure 2pm,
Emily Soakoff & Exp Mani 9pm

9 Feb Mon -
10 Feb Tues - NA
11 Feb Wed - Jane Soakoff & Exp Mani 8pm,
Jeanie 1Nail Extn & Exp Mani 9.30pm
12 Feb Thurs - Dawn Manicure 8pm

13 Feb Fri - Joelle Mani & Exp Pedi 8pm,

Dorothy Acrylic Extn & Pedi 10.30pm

14 Feb Sat - Melissa x3 Mani Pedi 8am,
15 Feb Sun - Kelly Infills & Pedi 1pm
Natalia & Atikah Strawberry Pedi 5pm

16 Feb Mon - Huihui Infills & Design 8pm
17 Feb Tues -
18 Feb Wed -
19 Feb Thurs -
20 Feb Fri -
21 Feb Sat - Jenny LaPalm Pedicure & Exp Mani 10am,
Emily Sweet Love Mani Pedi 2pm,
22 Feb Sun - Emilia Infills and Pedi 3pm

23 Feb Mon -
24 Feb Tues - Annie and Maybelle Classic Mani and Pedi 8pm
25 Feb Wed -
26 Feb Thurs -
27 Feb Fri - Xiuling Express Pedi 7.30pm
Xinxin Wedding Extn 8pm
28 Feb Sat - Joey & Lena Pedi 10am,
Jeanie Mani Pedi 2.30pm

1 Mar Sun - Pei Shan Mani Pedi 9.30am
2 Mar Mon -
3 Mar Tues -
4 Mar Wed - NA
5 Mar Thurs - Cindy Pedi 8pm
6 Mar Fri -
7 Mar Sat - Jasmine Mani Pedi 10am
8 Mar Sun - Eve Extn & Pedi 2pm, Eve's mum Mani Pedi 2pm

9 Mar Mon - Shirley Mani Pedi 8pm
10 Mar Tues - NA
11 Mar Wed - NA
12 Mar Thurs - Dorothy Infills & Chg Design 8pm
13 Mar Fri -
14 Mar Sat - Joelle and Sis Mani Pedi 1pm
Iris Extn & Pedi, Mum Mani Pedi 6pm (Bt Panjang)
15 Mar Sun -

16 Mar Mon -
17 Mar Tues - Melissa, Charlene, Chen Lin Mani Pedi 8pm
18 Mar Wed -
19 Mar Thurs -
20 Mar Fri -
21 Mar Sat - Jean & Julia Mani Pedi 10am
22 Mar Sun -

23 Mar Mon -
24 Mar Tues -
25 Mar Wed - NA
26 Mar Thurs - Ivy Nail Party 8pm (CCK) - Tentative
27 Mar Fri -
28 Mar Sat -
29 Mar Sun - Jeanie Exp Mani 12pm

30 Mar Mon -
31 Mar Tues -

January 2009
1 Jan Thurs - NA
2 Jan Fri - Xiuling Exp Mani 1pm
Carey & Cousin Mani Pedi 8pm (Bishan)
3 Jan Sat - Shirley Exp Mani & 1 Nail Extn 12.30pm,
Wendy's Sis Soakoff & Exp Pedi 2pm
4 Jan Sun - Available from 10am

5 Jan Mon - Available from 8pm
6 Jan Tues - Available from 8pm
7 Jan Wed - Available from 8pm
8 Jan Thurs - Pauline Mani Pedi 8pm
9 Jan Fri - Alice & 6 Friends Hen Party (Punggol) 5pm
10 Jan Sat - Emily Infills & Express Pedi 5pm
11 Jan Sun - Available from 10am

12 Jan Mon - Available from 8pm
13 Jan Tues - Ivy Mani Pedi 8pm
14 Jan Wed - Available from 8pm

CNY Period
15 Jan Thurs - Available from 8pm
16 Jan Fri - Available from 8pm
17 Jan Sat - Available from 10am
18 Jan Sun - Wendy's sis (Cat) CNY Mani and Pedi 11am

19 Jan Mon - Available from 8pm
20 Jan Tues - NA
21 Jan Wed - Priscilla x3 CNY Mani Pedi 8pm (Rivervale)
22 Jan Thurs - Esther & ShanShan CNY Mani Pedi 8pm
23 Jan Fri (We are open til late!!) -

Irene CNY Extn 8am
Geraldine CNY Extn & Pedi 10am
Joelle (Cat's Fren) CNY Mani Pedi 12.30pm
Jenny CNY Spa Mani Pedi 2pm
Michelle CNY Mani Pedi 4pm
Jeannie CNY Mani Pedi 4pm
Xiuling CNY Mani Pedi 7pm
Marie & Fren CNY Mani Pedi 8pm
Emily Infills & Pedi 11pm
Dories CNY Mani Pedi 11pm
Call/SMS us to check for available slots for this day
24 Jan Sat (We are open til late!!) -
Sherlyn x4 CNY Mani Pedi 8am

Kelly CNY Extn & Pedi 10am
Traci CNY Mani Pedi 2pm

Huihui Extn & Pedi+Cousin CNY Mani Pedi 5pm(Balestier)

Lena, 2 sisters & Joey CNY Mani Pedi 8pm
Natalie & Fren CNY Mani Pedi 12mn
Call/SMS us to check for available slots for this day
25 Jan Sun CNY Eve -

Elyn CNY Mani Pedi 8am
Wendy's sis (Cat) Express Mani and Pedi 8am
Candice & Zandy CNY Mani Pedi 10am
Joanna CNY Mani Pedi 11am
June (Huihui's Fren) CNY Extn & Pedi 2pm (Bedok)

Call/SMS us to check for available slots for this day

26 Jan Mon - Happy Chinese New Year!
27 Jan Tues - Happy Chinese New Year!
28 Jan Wed - Available from 8pm
29 Jan Thurs - Available from 8pm
30 Jan Fri - NA

31 Jan Sat - NA
27 Oct Mon - Happy Deepavali Holiday!
28 Oct Tues - Available from 8pm
29 Oct Wed - Ivis & Cousin Mani Pedi 8pm
30 Oct Thurs - NA
31 Oct Fri - June (Huihui's fren) Extn & Exp Pedi (Balestier)
1 Nov Sat - Huihui Extn & Exp Pedi (SimLim)

2 Nov Sun - NA

3 Nov Mon - NA
4 Nov Tues - NA
5 Nov Wed - Carey Extn 10pm
6 Nov Thurs - NA
7 Nov Fri - NA
8 Nov Sat - Eve Mani Pedi 9am, Marie Mani Pedi 11 am,
Traci Mani Pedi 3pm, Joey Extn & Pedi 6pm
9 Nov Sun - Lynes Pedi 4.30pm, NA from 7pm

10 Nov Mon - NA
11 Nov Tues - NA
12 Nov Wed - Kelly Spa Mani Pedi 8pm
13 Nov Thurs - Judy Mani Pedi 7.30pm
14 Nov Fri - NA (My Day Job Company D&D) :p
15 Nov Sat - Huihui & June Infill 10am (Bedok)
16 Nov Sun - NA

17 Nov Mon - NA
18 Nov Tues - Doris Mani Pedi 9pm
19 Nov Wed - Zandy Mani & Candice Mani Pedi 7pm
20 Nov Thurs - Available from 8pm
21 Nov Fri - Available from 8pm
22 Nov Sat - Doris Toh, Banez, Jingni & Adeline Manicure 11am
23 Nov Sun - Available from 10am or 5pm

24 Nov Mon - Joey Soakoff + Exp Mani & Lina Pedi 8pm
25 Nov Tues - Available from 8pm
26 Nov Wed - Available from 8pm
27 Nov Thurs - Available from 8pm
28 Nov Fri - Jeanie & Fren Glittery Mani Pedi 8pm
29 Nov Sat - Available from 10am
30 Nov Sun - Jiexi & 3 friends Mani Pedi 3pm

1 Dec Mon - NA
2 Dec Tues - NA
3 Dec Wed - NA
4 Dec Thurs - NA
5 Dec Fri - Eunice Mani Pedi 8pm
6 Dec Sat - Jeanie Strawberry Mani Pedi 10am,

Ivis Mani Pedi & Extn Toes 1pm,
Jacqueline & Fren Mani Pedi (Hougang) 4.30pm
7 Dec Sun - Available from 10am

8 Dec Mon - NA
9 Dec Tues - Vivien Mini Nail Hen Party 8pm (Toa Payoh)
10 Dec Wed - Available from 8pm
11 Dec Thurs - Available from 8pm
12 Dec Fri - NA
13 Dec Sat - Available from 10am
14 Dec Sun - Available from 10am

15 Dec Mon - Available from 8pm
16 Dec Tues - Catherine and Willy Glittery mani pedi 8.30pm
17 Dec Wed - Traci Wedding Mani Pedi and Lena "Glitter my wedding"extension
18 Dec Thurs - NA
19 Dec Fri - Emily Acrylic Extension 8pm
20 Dec Sat - Christina Wedding Mani Pedi & cousin 11am
21 Dec Sun - Wendy Sis Acrylic Extn & Pedi 11am,
April Xmas Mani Pedi 3pm, Esther.ore Pedi 4.30pm,
Dories Mani Pedi 6pm

22 Dec Mon - Priya Xmas Mani Pedi 8pm
23 Dec Tues - Joanna Acrylic Extn & Pedi 7pm
24 Dec Wed - Available from 8pm
25 Dec Thurs - Merry Xmas!!
26 Dec Fri - Eve & Mum Mani Pedi 8pm (Sembawang)
27 Dec Sat - Lena Acrylic infills and pedicure at 1pm
28 Dec Sun - Available from 10am

29 Dec Mon - Available from 10am
30 Dec Tues - NA
31 Dec Wed - Available from 3pm
The bridesmaid Huihui's Acrylic Extension :)

This is single color extension with OPI Rosy Future polish as the base.. Creating a pearlized purplish pink sheer shade.. Topped with 2 glitter tones and premium lace stickers & of cos swarovski crystals near the cuticles :) This extension costs $90 ($60 + $30 full set nail art).. Fall in love with long nails and blings!!~

Huihui did express pedi also and wanted pearls and crystals for her big toenails.. Here is her pedi.. :)

Simply bridal.. even though it's June who is getting married tomoro :) Anyway, wishing them long lasting nail extensions and that June will have a wonderful wedding nite tomoro!!~ :)

Nail Haven Galleria: Acrylic Extension

I met this bride-to-be who simply loves anything GOLD and she will be happy and satisfied just to see her nails blinging with GOLD...! :) Under the night lights, the nails were blinging and glossy like mad!~ ;p :p

Her natural nail beds are very short, in fact support for long extensions are not enuff. Thus, I did an extension that is not too long for her.. She had a very bad experience in extensions previously at somewhere else and she had minimal faith in it again.. But bcos she is getting married, she needed long and pretty nails.. And I really hope this time doing her extension with me, it will be a good one for her... :)

She did an essential pedi too (express + cuticle trimming) with 3D Nail Art on big toes.. Didnt manage to take photo cos was on a hurry.. :p

June's Acrylic Extensions with Gold Glitters & Swarovski Crystals~

Above extension costs $105 ($60 + $10 Glitter Acrylic + $5 Additional Gold Glitters + $30 Swarovski Crystals Nail Art).. --> Click on photo to enlarge for a clearer view :)

Acrylic Extensions can last for 3 to 4 weeks if you take good care of them..:) And by then, you will prolly need an infill (at $30) or if you would like to let your nails rest, you could do a soak-off (at $20)..

Long extended nails are just like real nails, except that they are slightly thicker than real nails and have a better structure and support..

I will be doing another extension & essential pedi later for June's fren huihui, who helped arrange for their nails hsecall appt.. Check back the blog for pics soon~!! :) :)