Nail Haven Galleria: Acrylic Extension

I'm happy with this simple yet bright nail design on extended nails :)

Here is Carey's acrylic extension with OPI Vodka & Caviar on the reds and Alpine Snow for the french :)

And when I finished up the polkda dots, I told Carey that this looks really sporty! And in fact, I had a High School Musical feel :p :p u noe those cheerleading with red short skirts? hee hee... Don't u agree..? :p :p

Above extension costs $75 ($60+ $10 nail art + $5 french) :p This month of November, there is a promo for extns: Glittery Acrylic Extension at $60 only! (nail art charges apply if any..) Book for an appt with Fiona at 92701201! :)