Somewhere over the rainbow...

Zandy's retro-rainbow nails with heartsies & ribbons!!~ Cute!

If you have been reading our blog for quite some time, you will remember our once-popular La Francey nails.. Here is it again, now in Gel :) Shirley's gel overlay with white colored gel on tips and transparent rainbow-ish & silver glitters in the middle... simple n pretty :)

Bridal & Nailarts...!!

New Nailart for your viewing pleasure~!! Available for CNY!

Zoom in on the baby blues and sweet pastel greens... blinging..

zoom in on the pretty lovelies n cuties... and still blinging...

Stacy's lovely bridal nails with layered petal flowers... :)

Look at her thumbs! Poppy layered petals...!! Sweets....

Her pedicure is of the same layered flowers theme... v pretty...

Nice to see nicely painted maroon nails again... Jasmine's nails with bogota blackberry with pointy flowers nailart~ Simply n elegant...

Dear nailies, CNY slots are almost fully taken up.... do check our calendar on other slots available and contact us for bookings soon! Thanks for all u lovelies' support!! :D

Happy Gelly New Year!!

Still fresh in 2010.. Happy New Year to all of you.. :)
Check out the latest nail pics!!~

Liping's cutie ribbons on french glitz nails...

Jieru's Barbie-doll polkadots nails with ribbons!

Jieru's cutie pedicure with pretty ribbons!

Elaine's pearlie manicure with handpainted flowers~

Elaine's pearlie blue pedi with 4-petal flowers & blings!

Serene's Bridal nails with stripes, glitz, poppy flowers & bling!

Serene's bridal pedicure in pearlie pink with poppy flowers~

Like we have mentioned, Nails of the moment.. GEL NAILS!

Jessica's nails before gel extension..

Tada!! Blinging on my Hello Kitty!

Check out the 3-tone glitters: Silver, Rose Pink & Purple!!~

She totally loves it..just like everyone else who does gel nails.... seems like it's a real rave nowadays... tats why we brought in soakoff gel and you can bling up your nails in high-shine gloss!!~ Call us to book for appointment now!! Thanks!

*Btw, CNY appointment slots are fast taken up... pls book with us soon to secure an appt now~~ :D :D Looking forward to this exciting festive season this February!!~ Cheerios...