Gelish Minnie Mouse!

Another set of Gelish nails.. it's getting more n more popular :)

Loving Shimin's minnie mouse nails... so cute..!!

I am now using a new lappie so dun have image editing tools installed yet.. haha so i havent been including our blog address onto the images recently.. :p CNY peak period has started and our slots are all full. Thanks to all nailies for booking ur appts early.. See you all real soon and let's all try out Gelish Manicures :)

Let's Gelish!!


We have just brought in a new set of Gel Polish and here it is, Harmony Gelish! Currently we only have 8 colors and will be bringing in more after CNY. But well, we have gotten some of the fave CNY colors like reds, pinks n purple. So far a few nailies have tried them.. So we are pleased to announce that this will be available during this CNY!

If you are doing Classic Manicure, you may like to opt for a longer lasting manicure with Gelish! It can last up to 3 weeks, applied like polish but works like Gel :) Just top up an additional $20 on top of the Classic Mani cny pkg (After CNY will be $25). So check out the 8 colors we have when you come over for your appt, you can add on glitter powders for the extra glitz (at additional $5 onwards)!!

*Please note this is not Gel Overlay/Extension, if you are doing any of these 2 services and would like to have Gelish colors, Gel will be sculpted on ur natural/extended nails first, then Gelish color will be applied on top. This will still be based on Gel Overlay or Gel Extension cny pkg price :)

Rachel's sweet lilac Gelish Manicure wif polkadots n bows :)

Lisa's pinkie glitz gelish manicure wif flower pops!

Sweet Sweet January

Liling's sweet french bridal bows on acrylic extensions..

Jieru's pretty little ribbons on frosty princess rules manicure..

Simply Nail Haven..

Have u nailies thought of why are the nail designs we have are mostly gentle and conservative? Well, I guess that's just the signature looks of Nail Haven! Soft colors, glittery at times, but easy to match and as sweet as eye candies :)

Eileen's royal blue tips acrylic nails with champagne petals.

Sharon's sweet gel extensions with pinkie glitz n ribbons :)


Fiona has bridal nails too :)