The sweet stuff...

Candice's sweet gelish gradient pink with hearts & kisses

Karlyn's hello kitty gelish nails :)

Janice's lovely english peonies acrylic bridal extn :)

Hope all you nailies enjoy the nail pics! :)

It's a colorful weekend!

Hot summer triggers fresh looking nails!

Shermin's colorful french polka gel overlay...

Dun u love the colors? :)

Sweet ribbons on the thumbs!!

Lynn's sweet cool gelish french polka nails with cute bows :)

Reine's ultra colorful leopard gelish nails with cutie bows..

Fennie's rare greenwich polish in in polka dots n stripes :)

Please note that Fiona will be unavailable from 20 May to 31 May. Please contact Wendy if you would like to make an appt with us! Thanks!! Luvs..


Amy's signature french stripes nails in gelish..
very long nail beds she has...

Eliza's signature bridal nails in gelish dual colors.. :)