Nail Haven CNY Calender 2011!~

We are fully booked till CNY Eve.

Hello Nailies, check out your nail appt for this 2011 CNY season (28 Jan to 2 Feb 2010). Please kindly be punctual for your appointments and arrive in slippers if you are getting a pedicure done~

A $10 deposit (per customer) is required to confirm each appointment, pls transfer to POSB SAV 001-34902-3 within 2 days from your arrangement with us. Deposit will be deducted from the total service amount on the day of your appointment when you make payment. Deposits are not transferable or refundable.

Please check out the right sidebar in the blog for CNY packages available during this season! Only the stated nail services/pkgs are available. Please inform us beforehand if you require soakoff/fileoff so that we can arrg a better timeslot for you. Take note that for all classic pedi, there is no foot filing available.

SMS/Whatsapp Fiona 91877063 or Wendy 90015001 for booking and inquiries, stating your preferred date & time slot, nail service you require and preferred manicurist (if any).. Thanks! :)

Our CNY Opening Hours
28 Jan Fri - 8pm to 10pm
29 Jan Sat - 9am to 10pm
30 Jan Sun - 9am to 10pm
31 Jan Mon - 8pm to 11pm
1 Feb Tues - 9am to 10pm
2 Feb Wed - 9am to 5pm (CNY eve)

Manicurists Available
(f) denotes Fiona
(w) denotes Wendy
* Denotes free slot

25 Jan Tues
8pm - Rachel Lim Gel Extension & Pedi (f)

26 Jan Wed
8pm - Fennie Gel Overlay & Pedi (f)

27 Jan Thurs
8pm to 10pm - Shimin Mani & Nailart (f)

28 Jan Fri
8pm - Jeanie M&P (f)
8pm to 10pm - Thiang Gel Extn (w)

29 Jan Sat
7am to 9am - Chengling Gel Mani (f)
9am to 10am- Lixia x2 Pedi (f & w)
10am to 1pm- Shermin Gel & Pedi (f)
10am to 11am - Ivy Pedi (w)
11.30am to 12.30pm- Ariel Pedi (w)
2pm to 4pm - Siewling Mani Pedi (w)
1.30 to 2.30pm - Candice Pedi (f)
2.30 to 4.30pm - Zandy Mani Pedi (f)
4.30pm to 6pm - Fran Gel Overlay & Pedi (f & w)
6.30pm to 8pm - Chantelle Mani Pedi (f & w)
8pm to 11pm - Audrey & Fren Gel Overlay & Pedi (f & w)
11pm to 1am - Emilia Acrylic Extn (f)

30 Jan Sun
9am to 11am - Sharon Chen Mani Pedi (f)
9am to 11am - Geraldine Ng Mani Pedi (w)
11am to 1pm - Penny Gel Extension (f)
11am to 1.30pm - Priscilla Mani Pedi (w)
2pm to 3.30pm - Zaclyn Mani (w)
1pm to 3pm - Ivis Mani Pedi (f)
4pm to 5.30pm - Aixin x2 Mani (f & w)
6pm to 9.30pm - Huisi x2 Gel Overlay & Pedi (f & w)
9.30 to 11.30pm - Agnes Mani Pedi (f)

31 Jan Mon
8pm to 11pm - Jasmine Chua x3 pax Mani Pedi (f & w)
11pm to 1.30am - Alice Mani and Exp Pedi & Zerrica Mani (f)

1 Feb Tues (Full Day At Serangoon Ave 4)
9am to 1pm - Huihui & Huixia Mani Pedi (f)
10am to 11.30am - Ruchel Mani Pedi (w)
1pm to 3pm - Ailing Gel Overlay (f)
1.30pm to 3.30pm - Peiting Gel Overlay (w)
3pm to 5.30pm - Peishan Gel overlay & Pedi (f & w)
4pm to 7.30pm - Karlyn Gel overlay & Pedi
6pm to 7.30pm - Kelly Mani Pedi (f)
8pm to 10pm - Geraldine RQ Mani Pedi (f)
8.30pm to 10.30pm - Nicole Gel Extension (w)

2 Feb Wed CNY Eve
7.30am to 9am - Rowena Gel Mani (f)
9am to 10am - Rowena Pedi (w)
9am to 11am - Vivian mani pedi (f)
10.30am to 12.30pm - Dawn Gel Overlay (w)
11am to 1pm - Weiling Mani Pedi (f)
12.30pm to 1.30pm - Ivy Mani (w)
1.30pm to 4pm - Reine Mani Pedi (f)
2pm to 4pm - Jocelyn Jian's Sis Mani Pedi (w)
4pm to 7pm - Jocelyn Jian Gel & Pedi (f)
9pm to 11pm - Jocelyn Xie Mani Pedi (f)

Gel Up!

Peishan's Royal Purple pedi with simply-me nailart :)

And Nail Enhancement of the moment... Soakoff GEL! Look at how shiny n glossy the gel extensions are.. totally love it to bits.. :p This is Joanna's soakoff gel tips extn with gothic ribbons and puffy hearts that have a lil crystal on the corner of each heart!

Close up of the glossy glittery nails..... dun u love them..? :D

Lots of new pics!

ooops there are many pics that have not been updated.. recently both wendy n myself have been real bz with our work n other stuff in our lives.. thus pics usually arrive a little later... anyways, here are nail photos for ur viewing pleasure!!~

Wendy's "Glittery Moon" Pedi.. :)

Chengling's simple glitzy mani with flowers..

Yen's bridal manicure with stripes n glitz n flowers...

Val's cutie hearties on hot pink nails!~

Winnie's glittery nails with flowers n blings~

Winnie's dual tone gold/brown pedi..

*NEW* Shirley's Gel Glitter Overlay with layered flowers.. We will be introducing IBD Gel and AnGel (Both soakoff gel systems) in 2010 before CNY.. Check out our services again soon!!~ *excited!*

Traci's bridal manicure.. love the double french base..

Close up on the glitters, crystals n her fave flowers~ :)

She wanted something similar for her pedi as well... :p
Thank u all nailies!!~ :D

Ho Ho Ho!!

Geraldine's bogota blackberry bling!!!!

Ribbons still in popular demand for any occasion... Sorry! Photos alittle unclear as effect was taken from handphone, camera low batt........zzzzz....

Designed this set of colorful and cutie xmas nails for Joanne :)

pinky ribbons, frosty the snowman, glossy the base of the nails cos they look like pressies in gold wrappers n white ribbons!~

and.... Silver glittery xmas trees with crystals as deco!~

Love the nailart to the max! Merry Merry Xmas!!~

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.......

Fiona's self-indulging DIY christmas nail art!~
santa cap, bling ribbon, snowman, mistletoe, and a little pressie!

Have a Merry Little Xmas soon! and.... We welcome booking enquiries for Chinese New Year 2010 from now onwards. CNY promo and info will be out very soon in early Jan 2010 :) Check back at our webbie again soon.. In the meantime.. wishing you a joyous season ahead!

new nails~

Catherine's glittery french pedi with christmas snowman. Different snowman on the toes, one with a pissed off look and one with a surprised look.....

Catherine's mani with lacey and ribbons

Zelcy's midnite french nails with glitz n pressed 3D flowers~ very long and pretty nails... and these are her real nails!!~ lovely...

Janet's glittery pinkie nails with poppy 3D flowers!~

Joyce's wedding nails.. Nail haven signature style :)

Joyce's bridal pedi.. bling bling +++

Ho ho ho...Merry Christmas nail arts

Surprised!!! Some christmas nailart for this joyous festive season.......
Inspired by customer who choose these cutie designs, can't stop loving it....

Cutie playful snowman with ribbons

Can't stop staring......cute isn't it???

Santas Claus gives present so does Reindeers......
Lovely Reindeers with presents and ribbons

Reindeer at work.... Have you receive your present!!!!


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