Color me pretty

Yen's bridal acrylic extension with pretty roses n blings..

Love the color theme of this set of nails.. :)

Emilia's sweet candy pastels on acrylic infills...

Loves Gel Bridal Nails

Angel's pretty in pink gel bridal extension with roses & blings!

Gels and more!

Gel is all the rage for nailies at Nail Haven..

Fennie's gel horizon nails with royal roses and gold chain

Reine's rare simple gelish nails with cute clovers.. hee..

Shermin's gelish thick french with sweet bows..

Kelly's honeymoon gelish nails to the Maldives! :)

French, Bridal, Gloss, Pink, Glitz, Fun..!!

Joanne's Love on Cloud 9 Gel extension.. :)

Christine's lovely bows on Hot Stuff Acrylic sculptured extn..

A nostalgic feel... hmm....

Michelle's bridal french acrylic extn with sweet bows..

Loves the classic french.. :)

Close up on the sweet little bows on her thumbs

Fennie's cloudy green pasture Gel overlay.. sweeeeet..

Reine's shooting stars glitzy night nails. Cool!

Qifen's french bridal Gel extn with very pretty crystals...

Shimin's Sister's red hot Gel extn with gold glitters.

Shimin's Da Jie's bridal nails with loads of bling n glitz..

A very shiny set of bridal nails with glitter details on the flowers

Wenli's sweet french ROM nails with puffy hearts n bows..

Kailing's Nail Haven classic french bridal design on Gelish..

Grace's sweet french bridal Gel extn with crystals n petals..

Rachel's summer honeymoon Gelish nails to the Maldives! ;p

Daphne's champagne gold glitz bridal Gel extn with roses..

Full Bling! :)

Reine's sunshine nails with fun clouds and smileys.. ;)

Fennie's strawberry & mushroomies on pink glitz Gel overlay