Nail Haven Galleria: French Acrylic Extension

I did extension on myself again! This time La France-y...... :p

French Acrylic Extension with Hexagon & Blinging Glitters!

Maximum bling for a simple yet classy bridal style.. :) Oops the index finger is shorter cos I purposely made it shorter so I could do nails easier :p

Some technical photo-taking :p

An acrylic extension with french tips like above will cost $70 ($60 + $10 French Tips). The blinging glitters will be additional $5 for both hands :)

All Glitzy & Glamour

Every girl loves bling and crystals..

Titania's blingy glitter manicure~

Titania's pure white pedicure with bling glitz and swarovski crystals

Bling Zoomed

Ivis' Princess Glitz pedicure~

Princess in the house~

Yummy Fruits!

Fruities for Nail Art! Now at Nail Haven!

Nail Haven Galleria: Plum and Corals..

Some warm colors for a change.... anyway it's been rainy and autumn lately.. :)

Audrey's french manicure, with a shimmery coral base and plum as french.. Simple, classy and yummy! Modern french manicure now isn't just about pink and white.. but it's the perfect combination of colors that bring out the french-ie in you... :)

And we added on PA Eternal Flower Stickers & blinging Swarovski crystals...

Nail Haven Galleria: Acrylic Extension

It's an Acrylic month for me! Loving all the fun doing acrylic extensions.. Hee hee.. These are my own hands, did fulll extension for myself errm, officially the 2nd time? Previously did like twice before i got to learn from school, so those were unofficial. :)
Here's Rock Candy from EzFlow Rainbow Collection and Charisma Pink.. With 3D nail art & bling bling swarovski crystals! I just loveee blingss~!
Close-up with flash.. :)
Close-up without flash... :p
Just loving the clear ice bluish glittery tips...
The important C curves for natural looking effects and good structure.. :)

An acrylic extension like above will cost $70 at Nail Haven ($60 + $10 additional for glitters) and full set Nail Art like the one I'm having (3D flowers/petals with swarovski crystals) will be about $30 :)

Nail Haven Galleria: Acrylic Extension

Jessica Lim's Glittery Acrylic Extension~~ Simply glitzy!

Love the lil 3D flowers.. :)

Nail Haven Galleria

Simin's French Manicure.. every girl simply loves the french way... :)

Marie's Glittery BBQ sauce on her toes.. oops!! :p

Nail Haven Galleria: I'm Getting Married!!

I went for a housecall to do nails for a bride-to-be and her 3 friends. I had a manicurist who went with me to help out in the I'm Getting Married package for the 4 ladies at Pasir Ris.. It was very much like a mini hen party, and the lil doggie Minnie was v cute 2! :)

These 4 lovely ladies only wanted simple designs, that are sweet and pure.

These are the bride's nails, her name is Claire. Simple pinkie with PA Eternal Stickers.. the best for her.. :)

Claire loves her blinging and flowery toes too... walking down the aisle.....

It was Yen who arranged for the party.. Here is her shimmery manicure..

Another friend Sherlyn did a french manicure.. :)

Sherlyn's glittery pedicure...

Finally, friend Daria's manicure, simple with a shine..

And Daria's pedicure...

It was a great experience for both me and my partner manicurist Xinxin.. The ladies like our services and we sincerely appreciate their kind gesture of sending us back to our places! How nice! :)

Call Fiona at 92701201 to make an advance appointment if you are getting married or arranging for a nails party with your friends before your Big Day! :)

* Housecalls are available at additional $10 to $30 (to & fro trip charge) depending on location..

Nail Haven Galleria

Loving Blossoms...

Esther's Italian Ice Glitter Extension with flower blossoms...

Shimmering in Shanghai...

Nail Haven Galleria

Zandy's French Aphrodite...

Yummy pearl pink with white tips & flowers..

The Blues! rabbit & flowers.. :)