Sweet Pea...

Emilia's Melrose with silver screen acrylic extensions :)

Lovely bows in sweet pea on a purple themed nails...

November Nails!

Vernette's bday nails in acrylic extension :)

Vernette's sis sweet n simple poppy flowers manicure..

Jocelyn's poppy flowers pedi..

Jocelyn's fairytale themed nails with lovely blossoms...

Jocelyn's rosey pops on classy glitzy nails..

Close up on the nail design :)

Winnie's frosty glitz acrylic extension..

Shermin's sweet bridal nails with lovely ribbons!

And hearts! On gel overlay... :)

Emily's Vodka & Caviar bling on gel overlay..

Gina's sweet bridal gel extension with cutie ribbons n bling!

Sandy's glitzy nails with crystals...

Stay tuned for our xmas promo soon!! :D