Nails Pics!!~

Angie's glitzy pedi with 3D flowers n bling..

Jessica's ribbon-fly (ribbon bow+butterfly) manicure!!

Jessica's bling-her-up pedi with 3D flowers~

Jane's flowery stickers on glitzy manicure...

Tracia's cherryfields... can we pick them up n eat? :p

Shermin's glitzy pink manicure with fresh strawberries...

Shermin's pedi with 3D flowers ... big toes are extended..

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Newie Nails

Adeline's cutie biggie ribbons on her glitzy mani..

Julia's strawberry pinkie nails :)

Julia's edible toenails with strawberries... hee...

Strawberry Fields!!~

Look at the strawberries freshly growing out from the fields.. Winnie loves her cutie nails now.. hee... im excited when i did this set for her too.. :)

Close up of the colorful nails..

Winnie's fren, Val's pinkie pedi with cutie ribbons n glitters!!~

Bridal Nail Girls-Nite!~

We had been running from hsecall to hsecall.. here are pics from the recent nail girls-nite we went to..

Sixian's Star Rockette's nails with PA eternal flower stickers

Serene's Glittery nails with cutie ribbons!~

Rachel's extension with glitters and 3D flowers~

And finally, Geraldine's bridal extension with dreamy glittery nail art.. with bridal poppy flowers!~ love it.. the signature nail haven bridal design :p

Geraldine's bridal pedi in Aphrodite's Pink and glitters... :)

Nailies nails

Vanessa's glitter my wedding extension in cotton candy..simple and classy.. she has chosen this design from cynthia's blog and hope that we can do a similar one for her, but we placed the lace all in one direction as per her request.. and here's credit to cynthia :)

vanessa's bonbon bridal pedi with lace n bling too.. :)

Stacy's classic french nails with ribbons... :)

we have done a couple of nailies' nails earlier this month but mostly without nailart..thus no pics were taken :p Enjoy our Glittery November this month! Check out poster on top of the page :D

October Nails!!~

Huiling's Signature Bridal Nail Extensions~

Yuan Yuan's Star Rockettes Mani :D

Stacy's Silverscreen Acrylic Extension.. ++ Bling!! ++

Stacy's Trio Colored Nails on Extensions..

Stacy's Midnite in Moscow Pedi~

Stella's Strawberry Pink Bridal Nails!!~ Sweeeet~

Stella's Bridal Pedi in Pinkieee...

Candice's Burberry-Blue Label Inspired Pedi~

Huihui's Signature Bridal Extension :) Love this design!

Huihui's matching Bridal Pedi

Isabella's Wedding Photoshoot Nails!

Isabella's fren's Navy Nails with starrie glitters :)