Nailart Galore!~

Fennie's "Zebra in Galaxy" nails!

Reine's blue vintage nails with huge ribbons, hearts, clay roses..

Lovely thumbnails~

Another close-up of the beautiful set :)

Wonderland Nails!

Charlene's sugar candy colored nailart on french gel overlay..

The colors reminds me of Alice in Wonderland..

Spring and playful candy colors...

Cutie ribbons.. :)

More for you...

Adeline's classic French design for photoshoot

Joanna's fancy leopard glittery gelish..

World of Gelish...

Sorry nailies for the lack of updates! Haha have been bz with many other stuff in our lives like weddings and preps.. :p Anyway, here are some pics over the 2 months... Most if not all, are Gelish :D

Shermin's garden nails..

Shermin's checkered dual-colored nails~

Rachel's french dots shimmery nails..

Jasmine's sunset nails with sweetie bows

Zandy's lovely glittery pedi...

Zandy's pocket full of posies french gelish!

Jasmin's lovely french nails with 3D flowers for photoshoot~

Edna's sis glittery gelish with cutie poppies..

Edna's classic french nails with sweet bows...

Marie's Nail Haven signature french stripes gelish nails..

Jasmine's red hot shimmery nails!~

Isabella's lovely dual-colored polka dots with cute bows

Close-up on the sweet ribbons~ Yummy?? :)

Huiwen's romantic french nails with poppy flowers~

That's all for now.. It was a very sweet and bridal season for the past 2 months.. :)