World of Gelish...

Sorry nailies for the lack of updates! Haha have been bz with many other stuff in our lives like weddings and preps.. :p Anyway, here are some pics over the 2 months... Most if not all, are Gelish :D

Shermin's garden nails..

Shermin's checkered dual-colored nails~

Rachel's french dots shimmery nails..

Jasmine's sunset nails with sweetie bows

Zandy's lovely glittery pedi...

Zandy's pocket full of posies french gelish!

Jasmin's lovely french nails with 3D flowers for photoshoot~

Edna's sis glittery gelish with cutie poppies..

Edna's classic french nails with sweet bows...

Marie's Nail Haven signature french stripes gelish nails..

Jasmine's red hot shimmery nails!~

Isabella's lovely dual-colored polka dots with cute bows

Close-up on the sweet ribbons~ Yummy?? :)

Huiwen's romantic french nails with poppy flowers~

That's all for now.. It was a very sweet and bridal season for the past 2 months.. :)