The Lovely Nails...

Peishan's V French Nails! Hot Hot French Nails~

The Ng Sisters - Annie's V french nails in casino style!! (All 3 sisters came this week) Xie xie ni men de zhi chi!!~

Xiuling's amethyst glitz nails with pretty butterflies..~

Xinxin's Wedding Nails! Hers is acrylic extn with full set nail arts.. Really happy for her.. Young and loved.. Happy Wedding Girl! :) Sweet and beautiful nails...~

Always complimenting Jeanie's nails.. long and pretty.. :) but some nails broke (sad!!) so did extension/infills for her and now she has all long nails again.. here's her fave french checks with cutey ribbon nail art~

She said her bf likes 4 Leaf Clover.. so we tried something similar for her.. :) Lucky Charm it means!~ Simple and sweet~

Thanks all for support in Feb... March Promotion coming out soon! Check us out again! :D :D

Oriental Mood...

Emilia's Cherry Nails with Poppy Flowers & bling~

Emilia's Malaga Wine Pedi with handpainted flowers & bling~

Emily's Malaga Wine Nails with cutie round roses.. :)

Huihui's infills and oriental nailart.. :)

Her monsoon red pedi with oriental flowers and embellishments..

Vday Updates!

Love is in the air... more new vday nails to update!!~ :)

Joelle's Blackberry Wine French Nails with glitz lining.. Dinner perfect!

Dorothy's French Acrylic Nails with romantic flowery nail arts & bling!!

Melissa's cutie hearts with pretty pink & silver strips!

Melissa's cutie hearts for her pedi as well..

Purple Color swatch with glitz for Chen Lin!!

Charlene's sweet victorian lace with pink of hearts

Kelly's infills on her french acrylic extn, simple and glittery~

Natalia's cutie white and silver hearts with max glitter tips!

Hope everyone had a nice valentine's day this yr! Thank you all nailies for your support in our services and nailarts :) :)

February Love for Nail Art

This February is the Month of Nail Art!!

Cutie Lovey Hearts & Ribbons! So sweet!~

Wendy's ediable toenails and sweet loves....

Dawn's Yoga-ta Get This Blue with glitz and crystals.. Bling Bling!

Jeanie's Holiday Cheer Nails with pretty 3D roses~

May's pretty pinkie nails with 3D flowers and crystals~

May's Romeo & Juliet Pedi with popular 3D rose and bling~

Lena's forever interesting nails!! Golden Ladybird is here!

Joey's forever sweet cutie nails... pinkie waffles for her!!

haha we love our customers and their pretty nails!! :D :D

Aloha Changi Event~

It was a rush-rush invite to participate in this private event, ummm response was not too good, i guess it was due to the no. of ppl who turned up.. Nonetheless, here are some pics that were taken during the event.. :) Wendy couldn't make it so only Fiona went.. Anyways, have to thank the photographers who took really nice shots of the event.. so check out the pics below! :D

The setup.. just nice :)

The Pricelist!~ Heee very attractive prices and package~

Now the photos taken by the photographer:

Fiona in action. haha..

Fiona trimming the customer's cuticles...clean clean...

Glad that the customer is happy with the svc... :)

The photographer took a pic of me taking pic for the 1st customer..

I think i didn't get this girl's name, but these are her 2 free nail art, butterflies stickers with black dots on TINS Very Strawberry~ sweet for her~

One of the organizer, Thistle's nails, she's got really pretty and long nails... here's her bedtime pyjamas nails with 2 free nail art~

Krystle's nails, she loves bling and nail art!~ hee... full set nail art with 3D roses... sweet and shining...

Something simple here.. free PA flower stickers for Anthea..

One of the photographers' wife, Su Mei's baby blue nails :)

Finally, a set of midnite nails with 3D flowers and bling for Jesslyn~