The Lovely Nails...

Peishan's V French Nails! Hot Hot French Nails~

The Ng Sisters - Annie's V french nails in casino style!! (All 3 sisters came this week) Xie xie ni men de zhi chi!!~

Xiuling's amethyst glitz nails with pretty butterflies..~

Xinxin's Wedding Nails! Hers is acrylic extn with full set nail arts.. Really happy for her.. Young and loved.. Happy Wedding Girl! :) Sweet and beautiful nails...~

Always complimenting Jeanie's nails.. long and pretty.. :) but some nails broke (sad!!) so did extension/infills for her and now she has all long nails again.. here's her fave french checks with cutey ribbon nail art~

She said her bf likes 4 Leaf Clover.. so we tried something similar for her.. :) Lucky Charm it means!~ Simple and sweet~

Thanks all for support in Feb... March Promotion coming out soon! Check us out again! :D :D