Chinese New Year Nails!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! We have done numerous sets of nails over the past few days, rushing for CNY festive season :) All nailies have been really nice.. here are pics of some of the designs we did.. :) Enjoy!!

* Take note that some of the designs here are taken off/inspired from Nail magazines like Nail Up, Nail Max & Nail Venus~

Irene's Dynomite Glitter Extension with Nail Art & Crystals..

Geraldine's Hollywood Mani with Glitz & Blings :)

Jenny's Spa Pedi with Pink Glitters & Crystals~

Sherlyn's Red Pedi with glitz & hand-painted flowers

Emily's 2nd Infills with chic rosy polishing & glitters bling! Finally, not the usual french she always do... :p :p

Doris always do something interesting.. Her Greenwich polish with envelope V french... this french is getting more and more popular.. :)

Doris' envelope V french pedi :)

Kelly's La Francey Extension with flowers, hearts & crystals..

Close Up! This extension is one of the signature Nail Haven extension design... cos it's getting more and more popular...!! :)

Michelle's sweet pink mani with glitz and crystals~

Cat's Red Rosy Bling Mani!

Cat's Red CNY Pedi with max champagne gold blings!!

Joelle's pinkie french with interesting ribbon crystals :)

Joelle's Pearlie Pedi with Crystals~

Jeanie's Ribbon Bow Colored French Nails :) Another popular design.. :) 3D Bows are getting more popular in nail haven too.. :p

Jeanie's Black Kyoto Pedi~ Cool blings..

Xiuling's Amethyst Glitz mani..

Xiuling's pedi with 3D petals and leaves~

Patricia's simple mani with mini hand-drawn flowers~

Marie's Belize Mani with hand-painted metallic flowers~

Joey's cutie edible pinkie nails with polka dots~

Yes, how can we miss out the prosperity cats!!? Lena's forever interesting nails... :)

Lena's Sis' Blackberry nails with handpainted art~

Joanna's design~ maximum bling with silver and fuschia~

Another prosperity cats set :) Candice's Spicy Red Nails!!

Zandy's edible polka dots nails with cutie 3d flowers..

Zandy's another edible set of nails.. Toasting with sparks... True enough, polka dots are also one of the getting-popular designs here!

June's super bling champagne gold extension with crystals.. Hmm forgot to take pic of huihui's extension and pedi nails... :p her cousin's frosty nails also..

Wendy's Casino Royale Pedi...

Finally, Wendy's cutie pink polka french extension with bows... looks really girly and minnie mouse.. :)

It is a really fruitful season for us.. And we thank you all so much for your support and word-of-mouth recommendation to your frens and relatives too!! We love you as much as we love your nails! Have a great Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Chinese New Year Nails!

Esther's V French Manicure~

Esther's Dolly Glitz Pedi with 3D roses..

ShanShan's Fiji Manicure with glitz..~

Chinese New Year Nails!

Priscilla's French Mani with Bling

Priscilla's Red Pedi with PA Flower Stickers & glitz

Audrey's Red Pedi with Hand-drawn flower~

Karen's Purple Pedi with cutie PA ribbons & glitz~

Nail Haven Galleria

Something simple.. :) Tracia's french with glitz..

Esther's Ribbon pedi...

Wendy's Black Kyoto Pearl...

Nail Haven Galleria: Infills with Pointy French

Emily's Infills with a sweet combi of OPI pink colors (Rosy Future & Kiss on the Chic) and Alpine Snow as french white.. Note the pointy french.. Unique and pretty :) We both fell in love with this new way of french drawing! (very popular in Japan!)~

Nail Haven Galleria: Bridals....

Most of the girls who come to us now are brides-to-be and bridesmaids.. And we are proud that they like our service :)

Pauline is getting ROM this sunday and she simply loves this set of french nails with 3D petals and blings :) Have a happy marriage!

We went for a nail housecall for Alice's Nail Hen Party :) These are the bride's and bridesmaids' pedicure :) Colorful and sweet~

The girls' manicure~~

The bride Alice has shorter nails, thus something simple and gold classy will suit her.. Here's OPI Kyoto Pearl with gold stripes red blings for her~

Alice's pedicure in red shimmer with crystals and glitz~

Only Star (the bridesmaid who arranged for the party) did a more elaborate nail art as her nails are longer.. Here's 3D roses for her with glitz.. The other girls did the classy french nails and blinging glitter nails.. All sweet and pretty!~ :)

Wishing all the brides a happy wedding and marriage..! Thanks!

Nail Haven Galleria: Purple Max Acrylic Extension

Acrylic Extn with double glitter polish.. Cyber bling max! This set will costs $70 ($60 Extn + $10 dual color glitter gradation polishing) :p