Nail Haven Galleria: New Nail Arts!

Hi all Nailies! Here is an update of our latest nail art designs.. :) Our nail art designs range from $1 to $15 per nail depending on complexity and materials used. :) Fall in love with our nail arts and book your appt to get beautiful nails now!~ *Peeps- we will have more designs coming up especially for the Chinese New Year season!*

New Nail Art 1 ~ Range from $3 to $10 per nail

New Nail Art 2 ~ Range from $6 to $12 per nail

Close Ups:

3D Rose & Crystals: $10 per nail

3D Blossom Flowers & Crystals: $7 per nail

3D Flower, Crystals & Lace Sticker: $8 per nail

French, 3D Flower & Crystals: $6 per nail

3D Bear, rainbow french & crystals: $12 per nail

We note that some of you nailies may have smaller nails, fret not! Either get a better price for nail art for smaller designs OR get yourself a set of acrylic extension for pretty long nails for the full nail arts! :) :)

Nail Haven Galleria: Designer Series

Acrylic Extn with Ezflow Dy-no-mite & cutie hearts & colorful swarovski crystals.. This yummy & gummy set will cost $99 ($70 Glitter Extn + $6 3D Nail Art + $23 Swarovski crystals)..

Lovin the hearts, just making you happier.. :)

Eve's Sis is getting married and she wants a gold theme. She is putting on her own temp tips on her fingernails, so she only needed us to do classic mani with glue on tips & classic pedi with designs for her. Here is her gold glittery pedi nails & pretty flowers~

A close up on the bride's 3D flower nail art~

Eve's monsoon red with bling glitz mani.. just so attractive~

Eve's OPI Designer Series Sapphire Pedi~

Simply pretty & bling with gold glitz, crystals & flowers~

Eve's Mum's Sapphire Gold Glitz & Crystals Mani~

Eve's Mum's Sapphire Pedi with pretty petals & glitz!

Don't u just love the holographic effects...? :)

Nail Haven Galleria: Merry Xmas!

Wishing all Nailies and families a Merry Xmas & Happy New Year! With love from Nail Haven.. :)

A xmas tree that sparkles this xmas eve nite

Snowman saying hello & merry xmas~

Cutie rabbit & flowers nail art~

This La Francey extn is a hot design! Joanna's french acrylic extn with pretty glitters across.. Love the purity and glitz..

Joanna's Yogata Get This Blue Pedi with glitters..

Flowery Nail Art~

Priya's Raspberry Nails with French Plum & glitz~
Wendy's Sis French Acrylic Extn~

Pretty 3D Flower Petals & Swarovski Crystals...

Wendy's Sis Pedi with Cameo Love...

Christina's Wedding Nails.. 3 nails are extended.. :)

Christina's Wedding Pedi.. Charmed with crystals & bling...

Christina's cousin Suzanne's Dual color French Manicure..

April's Chapel of Love Manicure...

April's Chapel of Love Pedicure~

Wendy's Yummy Pinky French Pedi~

Close up of the 3D Flower, polka dots & crystals... Bling!

Nail Haven Galleria

New Updates!

Traci's Champagne Theme Wedding Nails

Very pretty & long nails...

Traci's Glittery Pedi in OPI Suzi Loves Sydney

Lena's Wedding Photoshoot Nails ~

Catherine's Kiss on The Chic French Wedding Nails

Catherine's Glittery Gradation Pedi...

Catherine's Bridesmaid's Grape French Pedi ~

Her Glittery Grape French Mani ~...

December is a month of Love & Bliss... More Wedding Nails to come...

Nail Haven Galleria: I'm Getting Married!!

Nail Hen Party for a Bride Vivien & her 4 jie mei :) We only took pic of the bride's nails as we were kinda in a hurry :p

Vivien's french wedding nails and max bling by Wendy~

Simple and sweet 3D flower and blings on french pedi :)

Wishing the bride a blissful wedding and marriage... :)
Acrylic Extension with Ezflow French Quarter glitter, with cutie Fruits Decals!

Close up on the yummilicious fruits :) :)

Yummie Cuccio Fruitie Spa Pedi with Deep Dermal Wrap in Booties done by my great partner Wendy~ Love the colors and the even layout of the squarish nail art :)

Close up on the Checks!

My turn for Wendy's Spa Pedi with Leopard Prints!!!

Close up on the posh leopard french pedi.. :p

Eunice's Malaga Wine Pedi with Glitz and Swarovski Crystals
*Note: The pedi here appears darker due to the lighting :p

Eunice's OPI Malaga Wine with TINS glitters..

Jeanie's OPI Desire with PA Eternal Flower Stickers...

Jeanie's French Mani with Glitz and Swarovski Crystals..

Ivis' Strawberry Margarita Glitz Pedi..