Nail Haven Galleria: New Nail Arts!

Hi all Nailies! Here is an update of our latest nail art designs.. :) Our nail art designs range from $1 to $15 per nail depending on complexity and materials used. :) Fall in love with our nail arts and book your appt to get beautiful nails now!~ *Peeps- we will have more designs coming up especially for the Chinese New Year season!*

New Nail Art 1 ~ Range from $3 to $10 per nail

New Nail Art 2 ~ Range from $6 to $12 per nail

Close Ups:

3D Rose & Crystals: $10 per nail

3D Blossom Flowers & Crystals: $7 per nail

3D Flower, Crystals & Lace Sticker: $8 per nail

French, 3D Flower & Crystals: $6 per nail

3D Bear, rainbow french & crystals: $12 per nail

We note that some of you nailies may have smaller nails, fret not! Either get a better price for nail art for smaller designs OR get yourself a set of acrylic extension for pretty long nails for the full nail arts! :) :)