Nail Haven Galleria: Designer Series

Acrylic Extn with Ezflow Dy-no-mite & cutie hearts & colorful swarovski crystals.. This yummy & gummy set will cost $99 ($70 Glitter Extn + $6 3D Nail Art + $23 Swarovski crystals)..

Lovin the hearts, just making you happier.. :)

Eve's Sis is getting married and she wants a gold theme. She is putting on her own temp tips on her fingernails, so she only needed us to do classic mani with glue on tips & classic pedi with designs for her. Here is her gold glittery pedi nails & pretty flowers~

A close up on the bride's 3D flower nail art~

Eve's monsoon red with bling glitz mani.. just so attractive~

Eve's OPI Designer Series Sapphire Pedi~

Simply pretty & bling with gold glitz, crystals & flowers~

Eve's Mum's Sapphire Gold Glitz & Crystals Mani~

Eve's Mum's Sapphire Pedi with pretty petals & glitz!

Don't u just love the holographic effects...? :)