Aloha Changi Event~

It was a rush-rush invite to participate in this private event, ummm response was not too good, i guess it was due to the no. of ppl who turned up.. Nonetheless, here are some pics that were taken during the event.. :) Wendy couldn't make it so only Fiona went.. Anyways, have to thank the photographers who took really nice shots of the event.. so check out the pics below! :D

The setup.. just nice :)

The Pricelist!~ Heee very attractive prices and package~

Now the photos taken by the photographer:

Fiona in action. haha..

Fiona trimming the customer's cuticles...clean clean...

Glad that the customer is happy with the svc... :)

The photographer took a pic of me taking pic for the 1st customer..

I think i didn't get this girl's name, but these are her 2 free nail art, butterflies stickers with black dots on TINS Very Strawberry~ sweet for her~

One of the organizer, Thistle's nails, she's got really pretty and long nails... here's her bedtime pyjamas nails with 2 free nail art~

Krystle's nails, she loves bling and nail art!~ hee... full set nail art with 3D roses... sweet and shining...

Something simple here.. free PA flower stickers for Anthea..

One of the photographers' wife, Su Mei's baby blue nails :)

Finally, a set of midnite nails with 3D flowers and bling for Jesslyn~