Nail Haven Galleria: I'm Getting Married!!

I went for a housecall to do nails for a bride-to-be and her 3 friends. I had a manicurist who went with me to help out in the I'm Getting Married package for the 4 ladies at Pasir Ris.. It was very much like a mini hen party, and the lil doggie Minnie was v cute 2! :)

These 4 lovely ladies only wanted simple designs, that are sweet and pure.

These are the bride's nails, her name is Claire. Simple pinkie with PA Eternal Stickers.. the best for her.. :)

Claire loves her blinging and flowery toes too... walking down the aisle.....

It was Yen who arranged for the party.. Here is her shimmery manicure..

Another friend Sherlyn did a french manicure.. :)

Sherlyn's glittery pedicure...

Finally, friend Daria's manicure, simple with a shine..

And Daria's pedicure...

It was a great experience for both me and my partner manicurist Xinxin.. The ladies like our services and we sincerely appreciate their kind gesture of sending us back to our places! How nice! :)

Call Fiona at 92701201 to make an advance appointment if you are getting married or arranging for a nails party with your friends before your Big Day! :)

* Housecalls are available at additional $10 to $30 (to & fro trip charge) depending on location..