Nail Haven Galleria: Acrylic Extension

It's an Acrylic month for me! Loving all the fun doing acrylic extensions.. Hee hee.. These are my own hands, did fulll extension for myself errm, officially the 2nd time? Previously did like twice before i got to learn from school, so those were unofficial. :)
Here's Rock Candy from EzFlow Rainbow Collection and Charisma Pink.. With 3D nail art & bling bling swarovski crystals! I just loveee blingss~!
Close-up with flash.. :)
Close-up without flash... :p
Just loving the clear ice bluish glittery tips...
The important C curves for natural looking effects and good structure.. :)

An acrylic extension like above will cost $70 at Nail Haven ($60 + $10 additional for glitters) and full set Nail Art like the one I'm having (3D flowers/petals with swarovski crystals) will be about $30 :)