Nail Haven Galleria: Acrylic Extension

I met this bride-to-be who simply loves anything GOLD and she will be happy and satisfied just to see her nails blinging with GOLD...! :) Under the night lights, the nails were blinging and glossy like mad!~ ;p :p

Her natural nail beds are very short, in fact support for long extensions are not enuff. Thus, I did an extension that is not too long for her.. She had a very bad experience in extensions previously at somewhere else and she had minimal faith in it again.. But bcos she is getting married, she needed long and pretty nails.. And I really hope this time doing her extension with me, it will be a good one for her... :)

She did an essential pedi too (express + cuticle trimming) with 3D Nail Art on big toes.. Didnt manage to take photo cos was on a hurry.. :p

June's Acrylic Extensions with Gold Glitters & Swarovski Crystals~

Above extension costs $105 ($60 + $10 Glitter Acrylic + $5 Additional Gold Glitters + $30 Swarovski Crystals Nail Art).. --> Click on photo to enlarge for a clearer view :)

Acrylic Extensions can last for 3 to 4 weeks if you take good care of them..:) And by then, you will prolly need an infill (at $30) or if you would like to let your nails rest, you could do a soak-off (at $20)..

Long extended nails are just like real nails, except that they are slightly thicker than real nails and have a better structure and support..

I will be doing another extension & essential pedi later for June's fren huihui, who helped arrange for their nails hsecall appt.. Check back the blog for pics soon~!! :) :)