Brownie the Advisor

Hello everyone! It has been such a while since we last wrote something to recommend to everyone.. And as we were doing nailies for all my dear peeps and folks, we come to realise that it is high time we start a section on giving advices and recommendations for nails, hands & feet~!

We were like going thru my mind, on the common questions people ask us about their chipping & brittle nails, cracked and dry feet, fungus-infected toe-nails, and many more...! And we were glad tat our little brain is good enuf to answer most of their queries and doubts... And so, we decided to call ourselves, though still a lil humble on our attitude towards this whole thingy, "Brownie the Advisor". haha!

Oops, and so we will try our best to post interesting topics about caring for our nails, how to repair some feet problems at home, and even.... the more fun things like how to do a manicure/pedicure and some simple nail art for all you nail enthusiasts out there, just like me!

So, here is the TOP frequently asked question:

Nail Lovelies: I have very thin nails, look! What can I do to stop the chipping?
Thin nails are often caused by a few factors, it could be due to poor diet, over-exposure to chemicals like detergents, frequent usage of acetone-based polish remover or even prolonged contact with water! We know it is weird to say water is the worst enemy of nails... but it is true cos it actually dehydrates the nails, thus there is little moisture in the nail plate to increase flexibility and strength~ Now, here are some solutions you can choose from to help stop thin nails, but it will take a small duration to see effect (prolly 1 to 2 weeks):

1) Have a more protein-rich diet & take foods rich in sulphur as well. (Fish, cucumber, grapes, garlic, asparagus, onions...)
2) Massage a moisturising hand lotion every night, more on your nails and cuticles..
3) Apply cuticle balm on cuticle and nails everyday, becos it helps stimulates growth of healthy nails which are moisturised and strong from the nail base (the part near the cuticle where your nails grow) - Get 1 from The Face Shop...
4) Use acetone-free polish remover! But, try not to use polish remover more than once a week, as it is quite dehydrating also.. Get Orly Polish Remover (Non-Acetone) from Sasa...
5) Have a nail file in your bag. In fact if you have thin nails, you should keep them short.
6) Avoid buffing your nails. Nails are made up of layers, and if they are already very thin, you should not buff them. We know some of us like to buff our nails to a high shine, but it actually removes layers of our nails.. :x If you go for a manicure, remember to ask the manicurist not to buff your nail plates, cos most of the nail salons will just buff them regardless of whether your nails are thick or thin...
7) The last resort: Wear a nutrient base coat & a top coat everyday, this way it covers your nail and protect it from the above causes mentioned... :p

The most important thing ultimately, is to keep your nails moisturised. Becos the vitamins from rich hand lotions and cuticle oil/balm will penetrate into your nail plates and help keep them hydrated and healthy. Do it religiously everyday, you should be able to see some results in 1 to 2 weeks.. :)