The Perfect 10 DIY Manicure

Nail Haven's Perfect 10 DIY Manicure Course is here!

This is for all you nail enthusiasts on how to take gd care of your nails and looking great with them! In this Course/Tutorial, you will be taken on a journey where you find actual steps of a classic manicure, the Nail Haven way... And I would like to emphasize that below images are taken and editted by me.. So do give the credits if you are using them~ Thanks alot!!~

Now enjoy and have fun with your nails!!

The Perfect 10 DIY Manicure

You can get the bowl from Ikea, it's a normal colored bowl, as long as it is cute and big enough for you to soak your nails, get one! If you are looking at a more affordable DIY manicure, get your cuticle remover, cuticle oil, hand lotion, base coat/top coat from Beauty Credit or The Face Shop, they are good enough! You can substitute Santizing soak balls with an anti-bacterial hand soap, and you can buy a cuticle pusher from any major beauty stores. A classic manicure usually consists of a few more items, but above will be just as essential, as long as you do it the Nail Haven way.. :)

Step 1: File your nails

Step 2: Buff your nails

Step 3: Apply Cuticle Remover

Step 4: Soak your nails for 3 to 5 mins

Step 5: Push your cuticles back

* Optional: Trim your cuticles

Step 6: Give yourself a hand massage

Step 7: Remove oil and dirt

Step 8: Apply Base Coat

Step 9: Apply 2 layers of Nail Color

Step 10: Apply Top Coat

* Optional: Roll Cotton on orange stick to remove polish stains

Step 11: Apply Cuticle Oil after polish has dried


Hope you have enjoyed above manicure course and you are now having pretty nails already! :D