Acrylic Extension with Ezflow French Quarter glitter, with cutie Fruits Decals!

Close up on the yummilicious fruits :) :)

Yummie Cuccio Fruitie Spa Pedi with Deep Dermal Wrap in Booties done by my great partner Wendy~ Love the colors and the even layout of the squarish nail art :)

Close up on the Checks!

My turn for Wendy's Spa Pedi with Leopard Prints!!!

Close up on the posh leopard french pedi.. :p

Eunice's Malaga Wine Pedi with Glitz and Swarovski Crystals
*Note: The pedi here appears darker due to the lighting :p

Eunice's OPI Malaga Wine with TINS glitters..

Jeanie's OPI Desire with PA Eternal Flower Stickers...

Jeanie's French Mani with Glitz and Swarovski Crystals..

Ivis' Strawberry Margarita Glitz Pedi..