New Nail Pics finally!!

Sorry dear nailies for the long wait on our new nail pics :p

Li Jun's simply pink nails with flowers.. Her 1st manicure!

Joelle's friend's hot pink nails and popular ribbons!

Vivien's glitzy nails with flowers.. Pretty!

Vivien's Suzi Loves Sydney Pedi with flowers.. :)

Wendy's round nails with bling! Hot nail shape in Japan!

Wendy's Dual Tone Bronze Pedi with floweries...

Winnie's Cream Pale Pink Nails with ribbons and bling!!

Winnie's yummy rainbow nails.. :D

Zandy's Classic French Manicure in Fiji Weejee Fawn... :)

Huihui's Dual Black Glitzy Nails after Acrylic Soakoff..

Huixia's gummy pink extension with poppy cherries!! :D

Jessica Lim's gothic pink girly nails!! Mac Hello Kitty inspired!

Look out for our fantabulous promo for September soon!! Thanks all nailies for your support and as well as upcoming appointments! :D :D See u all soon! Luv Ya!! ~ From Fiona & Wendy..