New Nail Pics finally!!

Dear nailies sorry for keeping u all in the wait!! Here are new pics!

Elsie's dual colour french with polkadots and cutie heart!
Clarie's V-french with gold glittery line!

Jenny's pink pedi with ribbons!

Joelle's pink glitz mani with flowers & blings~

Joelle's simply pearly pedi with flower and red blings~

Adeline's pinkie mani with nail art

Wendy's Romeo & Juliet polkadots pedi with ribbons

Fiona's checkered pedi with cutie ribbons!

Fiona's french quarter pinkie ribbon acrylic extension!

Lijun's classic french bridal acrylic extension~

Adeline's glittery mani with full nail art

Adeline's red pedi in bling n flowers~

Sharon's simple mani with glitz and flowers~

Christine's pretty striped glitz manicure with diff flowers~

Christine's ribbonised pedicure...

Huiwen's bridal nail art!!~ Bling!!

Huiwen's bridal pedi with rosies and frenchh...

Jasmine's fren's acrylic extension on her cutie nails~

Jasmine's auntie's Give Me the Moon mani with blings

Jasmine's half sis' striped manicure in Give Me The Moon

Popular Give Me The Moon OPI color... Jas Sis' bling mani!!

Jasmine's pretty pretty bridal nails! Love it to the max!

Jasmine's Romeo & Juliet bling pedi..

Jasmine's Mum's Grape Lakes pedi with flowers....