Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Dear all nailies! Thank you so much for your patience in waiting for all the fotos to be uploaded into the blog... We have got many fotos but we can only choose the best ones to be shown here :) And we just wana say a very big thank you to all nailies who have turned up for your appts and glad that we have been able to beautify your nails this CNY... Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!! Enjoy the pics!

Zandy's Love Love Frosty pedi...

Vivian's red nails with hello kitty ribbons...

Vivian's starry red pedi with 3D flowers~

Val's sweet hello kitty ribbons At First Sight..

Val's matchy hello kitty ribbons on french nails~

Traci's pedi with PA Eternal flower stickers

Traci's classy dual color glitzy nails..

Stephanie's pinky glitz round nails with lotus flowers

Shermin's dual royal color nails with poppy flowers..

Peishan's half-rosy pedi...

Michelle's peachy pink Gel Overlay..

Marie's starry red pedi with poppy flowers~

Marie's matchy red nails with poppy flowers :)

Kelly's shimmery glitz nails with PA Eternal roses..

Karlyn's glitzy cute nails with gothic ribbons n pure hearts..

Karlyn's bling red pedi with sweetie ribbons...

Jocelyn's french glitz pedi with simply poppy flowers

Jocelyn's frosty nails with poppy peace flowers..

Joanna's [curiosity kills the cat] leopard prints Gel extension..

Jessica's glitzy gel overlay with kitty ribbons~

Jasmine's glitzy french nails with sweetie ribbons

Jasmine Chua's poppy roses mani with glitzy lines

Jasmine Chua's hotter than chilli pinky pedi with ribbons~

Jasmine Chua's mummy pedi with flower petals..

Janice's clear glittery Gel extension with big cutie ribbons!

Irene's frosty nails with glam-me-up blinging crystals

Irene's Season's Greetings pedi with hand-painted flowers

Huiqi's glittery gold flakes mani with kitty ribbons~

Huiqi's royal french nails with cutie ribbon & bling~

Geraldine RQ's coral nails with glitz and poppy peace flowers

Geraldine RQ's poppy peace flowers on hotty pink pedi

Geraldine's colored roses on pink frosty nails~

Geraldine's red pedi with super big ribbon~

Eunice's starry bright red manicure with poppy roses..

Emily's Gel extension with french poppy roses~

Cynthia's dual purple pedi with glitzy lines and lace~

Angelia's Gel extension with pinkie glitz and cutie ribbons

Adeline's sweet pinkie nails with ribbons and heartsies..

Adeline 2's lovely classic nails with poppy flowers~

Adeline 2's dark purple pedi with poppy flowers n bling~

Shirley's Glitzy Gel Overlay with hibiscus-looking poppy flowers

And now.... something to totally rock you....

Prelude: Jeanie's Rockstar glamorous pedi

Finally Jeanie named this: Psychedelic Rockstar.. You can tell from the colorful crystals, super bling glitters on french and this poppy Star stick onto her 2 nails...

Zoom into this set of color-me-bright nails... Totally love it.. :)

Alrites, hope you have enjoyed the pics thus far and there will be more coming up soon from the upcoming appts :) For now, i leave you sweet nailie dream and happy nails!!~ :)