New nails pics we love!

Shirley's gel infills with layered flower petals..

Kelly's pretty ribbon bridal acrylic extension nails! Lovely!

jeanie's mac hello kitty inspired nails!!~

cutie ribbon pedi :)

Reine's always into something different.. :)

Color Me Happy!! loving the smilies.. they just make your day!

Shermin's kitty fruitie nailart on gel infills..

Her hello kitty decals.. look at the lil kitty heads n ribbons!

Joyce's gummy pink gel overlay. simple n sweet!

Jaslyn's dreamy bridal nails!!~

Loving the flower petals and AB swarovski crystals!

Jaslyn's bridal pedi with bling glitters n crystals~

Check out our GSS promo on the blog soon!!~ Gona be real attractive! :D Thank u..