Pictures Finally!

Hey nailies! Thank you for your very much appreciated patience for new pics! There seem to be some serious problem with our blog cos we can't upload pics! hmm.. finally i can upload these much awaited n long overdue pics! :/

Fennie's stardust manicure with poppy flowers..

Angela's bridal manicure.. loving the flowers n crystals..

Another shot of the beautiful bridal nails.. :)

Angela's bridal pedi..

Angela's sis poppy polka dots french manicure :)

Reine's sporty pink nails with sweet roses..

Shermin's Gel Overlay with sweet ribbons for photoshoot :)

Peishan's cherryfields manicure to brighten her day!

Peishan's ribbon-fly pedi in fairytale background...

Katherine's blue-rose dreams garden bridal extension nails..

Eunice's bridal photoshoot french nails with poppy flowers..

Doreen's gummy pink bridal photoshoot nails with rosies..